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Evidence Based Practice Proposal On Eating Disorder...

Evidence-Based Practice Proposal on Eating Disorder Prevention Erica Nichole Thomas University of Missouri Kansas City Eating disorders can be defined as someone who eats, or refrains from eating, in order to satisfy a physiological need as opposed to a physical one. According to the Mirror Mirror Organization (2014), it is a dangerous misconception that the only people suffering from eating disorders are white, middle-class, straight women. However, â€Å"the truth is that eating disorders do not discriminate and affect people of all ages, racial/ethnic backgrounds, abilities, socioeconomic status’, gender identities, and sexual orientations† (Mulheim, Farrar, VanDemark, 2014). Programs aimed to prevent the occurrences of eating disorders are an important part of both primary prevention and healthy childhood development. In the interest of this evidence-based practice proposal project, I will be exploring education regarding eating disorders with an emphasis on school-aged females. This leads to the question: In school-aged females, is there a reduction in the instance of eating disorders in schools where education is provided versus schools who do not educate about eating disorders? The most well-known eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, but new diagnoses are emerging such as orthorexia nervosa. Anorexia is characterized by an overwhelming fear of gaining weight, an obsession with weight in general, and involves aShow MoreRelatedA Dream For A World Without Food Labels Essay2059 Words   |  9 Pageswhich such awareness should be attained. While Bittman proposes that food labels are the answer, this solution is highly flawed in probability. It would be entirely ludicrous to assume that food companies would willingly advertise the truth of their practices directly on their products. Though more likely, it would be nearly as preposterous to think that the FDA would make doing so a requirement. A more effective alternative, therefore, would be the use of journalism to investigate and bring about awarenessRead MoreA Short Note On Migraine s Effect Of Migraine For Evaluating Outcomes Of Preventative Treatments For Migraine Headaches1498 Words   |  6 Pages Migraine Scientific Research Proposal Based on â€Å"Measuring the Impact of Migraine for Evaluating Outcomes of Preventative Treatments for Migraine Headaches.† Authors: Sally Mannix, Anne Skalicky, Dawn Buse, Pooja Desai, Sandhya Sapra, Brain Ortmeier, Katherine Widnell and Asha Hareendran. Publication Date: 2016, Bio Med Central. Pages 1-11. Question to be Investigated Multiple people with migrainesRead MoreHealth Proposal : Childhood Obesity4324 Words   |  18 Pages â€Æ' Health Proposal Childhood Obesity The health promotions can essential be aim at children whom are obese; childhood obesity has become a major health emergency and the incidence of obesity has increased over the years. The purpose of conducting health promotion is to provide information on how to combat childhood obesity and educate the family on the risks of other health issues that are associated with obesity. The problem of obesity has typically originated when the child is in preschoolRead MoreHealth Promotion- Obesity2582 Words   |  11 Pagesreducing the morbidity and mortality rates of obesity related diseases. Using Maryon-Davis’ Obesity Model to systematically review the literature and furthermore evaluate the nurse’s role in promoting the highlighted issue, with any future proposals to improve practice between nurses. The World Health Organisation (WHO) Ottawa Charter defined health promotion as â€Å"the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. To reach a state of complete physical, mental and socialRead MoreHealth Advocacy Campaign4102 Words   |  17 Pagestheir adulthood; further, they stand a high chance of developing non communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease while they are still young (Cheng, 2013). The purpose of this paper is to highlight the gravity of childhood obesity based on statistics and the health effects that the issue has on the children and impacts in the society. Further, the study will develop a health advocacy plan for the problem. Review laws, regulations, and ethical issues that could impact health advocacyRead MoreThe Asian American Population On The Health Disparity Surrounding Mental Health4671 Words   |  19 Pagespossible ways of how this inequality can be addressed and reduced. Finally, a summar y of viewpoints where methods for better study and future research questions on the mental health disparity for Asian Americans will be discussed. Mental health disorders significantly affects individuals of all ethnicities and populations, and has more recently been set as a high priority agenda for public health in the U.S. due to its impact towards overall health and wellness. However, federal mental health policiesRead MoreEffects Of Obesity On The United States Essay2263 Words   |  10 PagesIndex, insulin resistance, low HDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high fasting blood sugar. Obesity, an example of a metabolic disorder, has been the focus of research and medical discussions because of the alarming impacts that it is having on the health of millions of citizens in the United States. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention growth charts, last year 17% of children in America from age 2-9 were obese and 32% were overweight (Blumberg, 559). As a result, obesityRead MoreHistory of Mental Health by Mind8472 Words   |  34 PagesLunacy Act 1891 imposed rigid procedures and criteria so that only people with the most severe mental illnesses were likely to be admitted to hospitals. 1909 A report of the Poor Law Commission was published, based around two central principles: in terms of health care, that prevention is cheaper and more effective than cure in terms of social care, that charitable activity has its proper place in supporting a public service. The report also suggested that the Poor Law should be replacedRead MoreDomestic Violence Against Women Act Of 19943515 Words   |  15 Pagesprograms and policies in police departments, as well as mandatory arrest programs and policies for safeguard order violations. This act has had a deep consequence on state laws governing domestic abuse (Yut-Lin Othman , 2008). The Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA) it’s the second main law that The U.S. Congress has approved associated to violence against women, deliver the central federal subsidy to help victims of domestic violence and their children. Programs sponsored through FVPSARead MoreRisk on Studen Prostitute in Zamboanga City4811 Words   |  20 PagesRISKS ON STUDENT PROSTITUTION IN ZAMBOANGA CITY A research proposal Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Psychology College of Social Sciences Western Mindanao State University In partial fulfillment of the requirements in PSYCH 114 (Research in Psychology 1) Dujali, Phil Dominic D. Colico, Jean Paul Agno, Samson CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Many students nowadays Hard-up students are turning to the sex industry to pay for their course fees, according

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